Native Deen presents DeenTV

As a group that aims to inspire people to remembrance of God through music and art, it is our pleasure to introduce DeenTV. DeenTV is the ummah’s first online channel streaming the best halal entertainment 24/7 to your computer, tablet or mobile phone. DeenTV airs the most popular halal videos from around the world and is currently producing reality shows, documentaries, comedy and music videos that are focused on stories of Muslims living in modern society.

DeenTV goals:

  • To provide a 24/7 linear video channel with halal entertainment available worldwide via the internet.
  • To develop socially conscious programming acceptable by people of faith with the goal of creating a better world for humanity.
  • To provide a channel for professional, semi-professional and experienced amateur video producers to showcase their work on maintain belief in God while living in the West.
  • To allow Muslim actors, journalists, writers, etc. to develop their talents in a wholesome manner.

Our vision is that one day (God willing), billions of Muslims and people of all faiths will seek DeenTV for entertaining, educational and inspirational programming.

DeenTV is now on ROKU, FireTV and AppleTV!

DeenTV is developing programming around personalities in the community based on their specialties such as comedy, fitness, fusion, education, travel, social work, etc. If you are interested in working with DeenTV, please contact us below:

To contact us please email us at info@deen.tv
21800 Town Center Plaza
Suite 266A
Sterling, VA 20164
703-951-DEEN – ((703) 951-3336)

To contact Native Deen, email us at info@nativedeen.com

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