Tariq Ullah
Production Assistant
Tariq Ullah is an IT major at GMU and helps DeenTV with various production tasks such as video switch, camera work and editing on Final Cut Pro X. He grew up in northern Virginia and has always been an active member of the local community, specifically the ADAMS center. Hobbies include various athletics like basketball and soccer, as well as tinkering with electronics and film-making. Tariq hopes his work at DeenTV will create a positive change both in his community and around the world, God willing.
  Izzuddin Abdul Rashid
Production Assistant
Izzuddin is an aspiring cinematographer with a passion to make films. He started his aspirations when he started doing improv in middle school and then joined theater the year after. His passion for theatre grew when he started technical theatre at Herndon high school as he worked many different shows as many different technical roles such as assistant stage manager to sound technician. Throughout his years in high school Izzuddin also developed his skills in graphic design and video editing with aspirations one day he can help edit a major film and be part of the magic that comes with making a movie. Currently he is a student a NOVA and hopefully will be student at George Mason to earn his degree in film.
Arifi Waked
Social Media Manager
Arifi Waked is a Palestinian-American doctoral candidate in hearing and speech sciences at the University of Maryland. She manages DeenTV’s social media campaigns (in addition to producing her video series 1001 Muslim American Nights). She is also a comedic performer, and has opened for comedians including Maz Jobrani, Ahmad Ahmad, and Aaron Kader. She hopes to use her education to help improve educational techniques for deaf and hard of hearing children in the Middle East.
  Ashraf Ullah
Multimedia Producer
Ashraf Ullah is a Computer Science major at George Mason University and works on some of the code for the DeenTV apps as well as editing on Final Cut Pro X. He enjoys making short films with his brother, and is passionate about becoming a future filmmaker. Other than school and work, Ashraf is a religious minded individual who enjoys going outside, working out, and having fun. He also likes to think that he has a pretty good sense of humor.
Omar Husain
Omar Husain is a freshman in High School (homeschooled). When he was 4 years old, his parents bought him a digital camera knowing that he had in interest in film and photography. During the last 10 years, he has helped with high school short films, spoken word videos, and promotional videos. He is currently learning sound design, as well as film and photography in hopes of becoming a film director.
Dhuha Baig
Dhuha Baig is currently a senior in high school, driven by her passion towards writing, learning, and remaining an active member of her community. Here at DeenTV, she provides great support in the preproduction process as well as in depth research needed for the various topics. With a great interest in law and and even greater ambition to travel, Dhuha dreams of exploring every miricle this world has to offer. She applauds her sense of humor and is always in search for the greatest of sunrises. Residing in Herndon, VA, Dhuha is supported by her loving family, friends, and food.