Here at Deen TV we like to use some of the most advanced audio and video capture technology available. Recently we upgraded our equipment, and we’d like to give everyone a quick rundown of our five most used pieces of tech:

1.) First of all, having a powerful and versatile DSLR camera is integral to any video professional, which is why we use the Panasonic GH4. Although it is the slightly older model, the GH4 still offers some of the most powerful camera technology. With the ability to record at 4K, 30fps as well as 60fps in 1080p, we use our GH4 constantly.

2.) Our second most used camera is the Sony FDR-AX700. This camera is perfect for in studio interviews, and allows us to capture video at the highest possible resolution.

3.) Finally, the last of our in studio cameras is the Canon XA10. We actually have five of these cameras, because although they can only record at 1080p, we use them to shoot our live performances and shows, which don’t require extremely high resolutions. These cameras are perfect for using with live stream software, and have the ability to hold many attachments.

4.) One of the most fun pieces of tech to use, which also happens to be my favorite on this list, is the Mavic Pro. This little drone is so easy to set up and use, and the crazy part is that is offers one of the most visually pleasing experiences of any drone I’ve used. Although it isn’t so great with its dynamic range, the shots that you can get out of this drone are incredible, and for the price, a must have for anyone interested in video.

5.) Audio in most cases is usually more important than video, which is why for almost every video, interview or movie that we make, we use our trusty Rhode mics. These lapel mics capture some of the most crisp audio I’ve ever heard, and although they go for around $300 a piece, they are well worth the price, and can take video quality to the next level.

So that’s the rundown of the most used tech that we use here at the Deen TV office. Hopefully this was useful for everyone, and if your interested in learning more about how we do things here, just give us an email!

– Ashraf U.

The Tech We Use

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