DeenTV interviews Hijabi Bengali Sisters

February 27, 2014 1:42 pm
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  • Ahmed

    Well , i actually don’t know what to say !!! I just admire The Native Deen T.V so much. And, you all my brothers and sisters NativeDeen & HijabiBengaliSisters are teaching great generations btw , ” May Allah bless you and grant you more and more “.

    one more thing ; by the way , Mash’Allah you are better than us -we the arab Muslims- ” Allah bless You ”

    Thanks for all :)))

  • monirasultana

    I watched this video,without looking the men . women should not come to the video like this.this is not hijab.i m wearing hijab(burka) .alhamdulillah.applying lipstic,make up,eye brow plucking,wearing nice dress, body movement that can attract to the men.prohibited to islam.

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