The Story of Nusayba Binti Ka’ab

August 13, 2014 1:27 am
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In the latest episode of the series “Blast from the Pious Past”, Abdul-Malik from Native Deen tells the amazing story of the female companion Nusaybah Binti Ka’ab (RAA) and her tremendous display of courage and bravery in defense of the Prophet (SAW).

It was one year before the Hijrah of the Prophet
The meeting of Aqabah just had started
75 from Madina secretly came
To plegde with Prophet to achieve his aims.

Nusaybah bint Ka’b – was one of the women there
Who pledged with the Prophet having no fear
Cause Meccans would torture and even they kill
If you pledged with the prophet against their will

But Nusaybah was a woman incredibly brave
One day a comment to Rasulluah she gave
Saying it seems the Quran addresses only men,
Then later Ayat 35 of Al-Ahzab was sent

Explicitly stating in much detail
Than in reward from their lord men and women are equal
And although the structure of the language seems like for men
But Women are be included in blessings of everything

Some years later after the aqabah pledge
The belivers in Madina were pushed to the edge.
The Meccans were marching with with 3000 men
Hoping the new faith they would put do an end

It was the battle of Uhud, and it began a success
For the Muslims, although there numbers much less
But after a tragic mistake, where the archers left their place
They where ambushed from behind, and defeat they would face

The Meccans on horse back came in every direction
The enemies reached to the Prophet’s location
Nusaybah who was helping deliver water,
Grabbed a sword and joined the few others

She fought so bravely and repelled the attack
With courage and skill she fought them back
The Pophet later said they every where he looked
Nusayba was protecting him, despite many hits that she took

With over 12 major wounds, her effort was real
One on her shoulder took over a year to heal
But once she was back she would return again and again
To fight for her faith, she would bravely defend

So the story of Nusaybah clear shows
That women are powerful and the Allah only knows
That if we were to honor our sisters give them their space
We will be so amazed of what they do for our faith!