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“Voices in the Silence” | ANX – Alman Nusrat

January 7, 2014 5:09 am
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ANX is the stage name of singer-songwriter, nasheed artist, poet, and writer, Alman Nusrat. His new take on Islamic devotional music and poetry, inspired by the human experience in longing to reunite with its’ creator, is unparalleled in the Muslim world.

“Voices in the Silence” takes us through such a journey as we witness the internal struggles of the human experience, from the suffering and loss in darkness to the triumph and warmth of light. ANX’s first official music video reminds us that what we need to move blissfully through every emotion presented to us on the spectrum of human experience is, and always will be, faith.

“On no soul doth Allah Place a burden greater than it can bear…” Quran – 2:286

Video Produced and Directed by Ridwan Adhami.

You see your years/
feel the fears.
Are you afraid of the past?
The “change at last?”

Listen to, the violence/
the voices, in silence.
Broken hearted ones pray
while searching for brighter days.

And your lord loves you so
don’t despair, dont let go.
Don’t be weak ’cause trials are hard.
Keep the faith and you’ll go far,

When you lose your way/
don’t know what to do or what to say.
Just close your eyes.
Just kneel and pray.

Your heart will lighten up the darkness/
like lanterns light a dark abyss/
Shine your soul
no loneliness/
tears of joy, no emptiness.

Your tears reflect an ocean
a world where you’ll wanna be.
Where your love for your lord and the prophet,
lead the way for humanity.
So pray for it, the light to show.
Pray for it, for the pain to go.
Pray for it, the peace you know.
Pray for it, for the light to show.

And the lights begin to show…

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