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Who’s Next: EP7 – ‘Dua Come True’ by Eema Manzoor

May 16, 2017 8:09 pm
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Next episode of Who’s Next – Eema Manzoor from Staten Island, New York with a poem “Dua Come True”. Her Inspiration: I wanted to write a poem that made myself and others love Allah more, and something that would make us want to make the effort to act on love for Allah more. I thought imagining the death of a believer and describing the emotions I associate with it would be a good way to create a tangible goal in mind for anyone who listens to it. I wanted everyone to hear the poem and think “”Maybe that can be me. Can it be me? I’ve done so much wrong, but maybe that can still be me. I want to make that be me. I hope Allah is like that with me. Allah give me that life after my death.”” I don’t know whether I succeeded in that or not, but I hope this poem becomes a poem that Allah uses as a means to bring even one person’s heart towards Him.”

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