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Who’s Next: “Just Us” by On Sight

June 2, 2017 7:06 pm
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“On Sight” a group from Augusta, Georgia performs “Just Us” Their inspiration: “When creating our nasheed, our group wanted to create a unique and versatile sound, with a powerful message. We took all of our individual talents and composed a rap that can be distinguished from other entries. We produced two different beats together and formed an interlude, that way we could showcase our flexibility. Our lyrics are a combination of heartfelt messages, witty metaphors, and smooth harmonizing. Our main inspiration was that we wanted to connect to the minds of other young Muslims, as well as addressing the current global political climate. We’ve competed in MIST Atlanta nasheeds and placed three years in a row, everyone loved work! I consider our group’s diversity as one of our main advantages. My brother Zakariyya and I are from Gambia in West Africa, Abdul Rahman moved to Georgia from Syria four years ago, and Faris is from Khartoum, Sudan. With our diverse backgrounds, we can all bring something unique to the table. Having different perspectives and viewpoints are very important, especially when it comes to music. The more diverse, the more audiences you can reach and affect. I sincerely hope that one day the world can hear our sound.”

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